About Us

K-Injo presents a flexible journal management system for Universities in Africa, America, Asia and Europe. In K-Injo, we host, manage and promote Institutional Journals online and in print, with the aim of making the journal attain reputable ranking as an impact factor journal which directly and indirectly improves the reputation of the journal and its affiliate institution.

Mission: K-Injo mission is to enhance institutional journal effectiveness, efficiency (with the aim of attaining reputable ranking as an impact factor journal) and drive revenue to institutions while facilitating professional qualification

K-Injo among other things aim to build the largest and preeminent open access institutional Journal platform. We are creating a reputable online directory for accessing institutionally based Journals. We are driven by the need to efficiently host, manage and publish institutional journals thereby driving revenue for institutions while facilitating professional qualification for academic and scientific scholars

We offer extensive expertise to develop and manage journals, launch new titles, respond decisively to changes in the publishing landscape. Our Journal Services support department, Faculties, Colleges and Universities in optimizing every aspect of their journal and guiding towards effective hosting, management and publishing of the Journal to achieve consistent growth. Our infrastructure enhance journal efficiency and effectiveness thereby increasing journal global recognition, increase publication and top ranking on search engines, Automated Digital Object Identify (DOI), automated DOAJ and Google Scholar indexing.